“How To Manifest Twin Flame True Love – In This Lifetime” 12-Week Workshop

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True Loves Unwillingly Separated at 13 years of age at the request and force from their parents. They were forbidden to continue the love they knew to be True and Spiritual. They made a vow to each other to marry and become a family and to never be apart once they were reunited again – in this lifetime.

Years went by and they remained encircled within each other. One Twin sought the other Twin and they secretly longed for their reunion.

Then….something began to change…each feeling a tremendous strengthening in “The Spiritual Pull” they both felt all their lives. Their visions of one another began to deepen, miraculous occurrences began syncronstically happening.

Though neither was in verbal or physical contact with the other…..they began realizing the emotional and mental connection was being strengthened through their Spiritual Love connection ~ it was there all along.

These lovers were Blessed to Reunite 20+ years later having done very specific things to eventually infuse the True Love that never left their Souls. Realizing the similarities in their search for one another, they began to look deeper into how they were able to Manifest True Love Twice In One Lifetime.

And so they took those mistakes and learned from them to understand the timelines, and signs that were there all along yet as humans we chose to ignore.

They researched and compared the fear and doubt and conditional energy within their individual circumstances during each phase of their lives. In their analysis they realized they experienced identical thoughts, behaviors, patterns, and actions, they both recognized and used to find each other.

These Twin Flame True Loves Carefully Crafted and Nurtured Every Single Secret They Used To Manifest True Love, And Created This 12-Week Workshop – To Teach As Many Lost Twins As Spirit Allows:


"How To Manifest Twin Flame True Love - In This Lifetime"

    • (Pre-recorded) LIVE On-Line Classroom Group Setting
    • Full Access To All Replays Of Each Class
    • Class Meets WHENEVER YOU LOGIN!
    • Class Duration is 1 Hour Per Week *
    • Group Discussion and Work To Enhance Learn-ability & Efficacy
    • PDF Lesson Material Provided Including Expectations & Syllabus
    • Homework Required To be Completed On Merit & Trust * It Will Not Be Graded

Darian and Necole are teaching the exact same steps they took to manifest their romantic success. It is expected for each person to put in the effort expressed and taught in this workshop to receive the results described. **If you are not willing to do the work, please, this may not be the program for you.**

  • Additional Reading Resources
  • Proven Psychic | Medium | Spiritual Channel
  • Celebrity Spiritual Adviser
  • Credentialed Instructor & Relationship Life Coach Pursuing Credentialing In Education
    • Certified Spiritual Life Coach & B.A. (Educational Studies)
    • Certified Spirit Guide Coach Trainer
    • Certified Angel Card Reader
    • Pursuing M.S. | Certification | Licensure : Health & Wellness Coaching

Necole and Darian and So Confident That If you Do The Work You Will Experience Positive Change In Your Relationship Life That They Are Offering A:


 "Show Proof Of Work" - 90-Day Money Back Guarantee 


Darian and Necole are Highly Sought After In Their Field Of Self-Development.

They Will Not Invest In Clients That Do Not Invest In Themselves.

If you seek a system that guarantees true love or marriage quickly without following key steps, making pivotal changes, and incorporating Universal Laws - this program may not be for you.

Necole & Darian Value Everyone's Time * Energy * Effort * And Trust. Mutual Respect Is Expected AT ALL TIMES.

They Do Not Take Anyone's Trust For Granted And Hold Trust As Sacred Truth That Is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

If You Are Not Ready To Invest In Yourself & Your Relationship Life, This Program Is Not For You And Necole & Darian Wish You Many Blessings In Your Journey.

***IF YOU ARE READY To Do The Work Outlined In This Workshop, And Change Your Relationship Blueprint,


Necole & Darian Are Excited To Work With You & Happily Invested In Your Success!


Be Blessed!

Let's Begin!

Darian & Necole


*Class may periodically exceed 1 hour time frame (guest speakers, technical, modules, Q/A, discussion, group work)
**Results will vary and our Manifestation is NOT Typical Which is why we are sharing how we did it.
***If you are not willing to do the work - please - this may not be the program for you.

ONLY $111.11


We Understand The Need For Options!

NO WORRIES, You are Investing in YOURSELF!!

And We Are VERY PROUD Of  You For Doing So!

Please Take Advantage Of Our Payment Plan.

One of the Most Important Staple Modules We ALWAYS Teach Is On How To Raise Your Vibrational Energy & KEEP IT THERE!" In our workshops you get a lot of practice in this area because it is essential to every Spiritual Law.

It takes practice.

We're happy to help you begin practicing right now....putting ourselves first is often the last thing people do but it is the first thing we HAVE to do in the Art of Manifestation.

Put Your Mind To Rest...and ease your Heart and Soul, Dear Love.

Darian & Necole XO

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