Group Spiritual Life Coaching with Master Certification

Welcome To Group Spiritual Life Coaching with Certification!

  • This Master Certification Course is 8 weeks.
  • We have created 2 classes for make up (if necessary).
  • Our Master Course begins September 19, 20017 at 11 AM EST.
  • We will meet weekly on Tuesday’s for 1 hour in our webinar with LIVE Chat Box.
  • We will then meet directly after for 30 minutes on our conference call for additional interactive Q/A.

The following areas of Spirituality and more: God, Spirit, Divine Source, Psychic Ability, Medium/Channel, Intuition, Claire’s, Spiritual Gifts, Vibrational Frequencies, Karma, Consciousness, Subconsciousness, 4th Density/Dimension, Grounded/Reality, Spiritual Practice, Mindfulness, Meditation, Lucid Dreams, Ascended Masters, ArchAngels, Spirit Guides, Messengers of God…and so much more!!


I will share secrets, tools, and never before mentioned spiritual practice passed down through generations.

Methods I’ve researched extensively and tools my clients, friends, and family have used that ALL WORK!

I am happy to share these top secrets! We have a LIVE chat box going so prepare to join the discussion! YOUR voice matters! Your spiritual experiences matter!

Once you register you have direct access to every replay.

If for any reason you cannot access the information, please reach out to me and our support team of classmates!

This is a VERY interactive Master Course and being hands on is important to learn first hand about Spirituality.


The intent is for you to receive your Master Certification because you understand each module having obtained elite instruction, certified content, first hand experience, and secret tools you will apply immediately for yourself and to teach others.


I want your Spiritual Development to exceed YOUR OWN expectations!!

I want you to Master Your Techniques and Share Your Gifts With All Of Humanity!!

Whether you have invested in this Master Course for your Personal Spiritual Practice or your Spiritual Based Business ~ be ready to Shine!!

You have me every step of the way!!

I look forward to sharing space with you in our Master Class!!


Secure your space with one payment and receive $50 OFF your total investment!!

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Total Investment: $550



ONLY $600!!


Group Spiritual Coaching Master Training Installment Plan
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At checkout $200.00 USD
Every 2 weeks (x 3) $200.00 USD
Total $800.00 USD
Group Spiritual Coaching Master Training Installment Plan Option 2
Number of payments 2
Start payments
Due* Amount
At checkout $400.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 1) $400.00 USD
Total $800.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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See you soon Dear Love!

Warm Love & Bright Light,

Necole XO



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