“Chakra Cleansing & Spiritual Awakening” Guided Meditation


Are You Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening?

Are You Questioning Your Life Purpose?


Receiving your Spiritual confirmation to the difficult situation you are experiencing, is


This meditation was created for that beautiful experience to transcend your vibration and uplift your energy to Your Higher Self.

I have used certain techniques and balancing steps in my own personal practice for over 30 years. These same foundational tools are embedded within my private Spiritual Coaching, and Healing Practice.

I encourage you to log your experiences in your personal journal, as receiving Direct Spiritual Guidance from our Divine Angel's, and Messengers of Divine Source during, before, and after your self-paced session is HIGHLY LIKELY.

Spiritual Alchemy is powerful, and very loving communication from the Spirit Realm. During our moments of meditation, we honor the stillness within.


  • Are you experiencing a Career Transition?
  • Are you experiencing a Birth?
  • Are you experiencing a Relocation or a Move?
  • Are you experiencing Relationship Hardship or Financial Loss?
  • Are you in need of Spiritual Growth and Personal Development?
  • Are you experiencing any Life Change?
    • This meditation is for YOU!


After hearing our various meditations, clientele have provided feedback of feeling:

  • "deeply grounded"
  • "on a natural spiritual high"
  • "energized yet profoundly relaxed"
  • "so relaxed I fell asleep"
  • "I know exactly what to do now"
  • "reached inner peace"
  • "clearest vision ever"
  • "heard my Angel's loud and clear"

Namaste *


Necole XO