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Who Is Necole XO?

Internationally renowned, Necole is a Certified Spiritual Coach Trainer and Master Spirit Guide. Having studied under the likes of Deborah King, John Holland, James Van Praagh, Denise Linn, and Doreen Virtue.

Recognized as one of the most accurate spiritual mediums working today she has gained over 3 Million views of her powerful spiritually guided messages. Her messages have brought solace, and spiritual insights, changing millions view of spirituality.

Necole comes from a lineage of Mediums and Psychics dating back many generations. As a Spiritual Advisor and Keynote Speaker, Necole takes a patient, tailored and compassionate approach to her clients and audience. During a reading, Necole channels information directly from spirit and interprets divine messages she receives using her different spiritual gifts.

Unlimited in topics, Necole guides her clients through relationships of all kinds, career, life purpose, parenting, family, spiritual development, financial, birth/re-birth, death/closure, transformation, and more.

Serving as a Spiritual Teacher, Necole hosts talks and workshops to students from around the world. Necole is able to touch the hearts and souls of everyone who hears her through stories of inspirational guidance. From increasing self-esteem to spiritual strength Necole motivates on many different levels. Her words captivate and intrigue her audience to delve further into their own inner knowing and profound spiritual connection.

Necole is a highly sought Motivational Speaker to everyone from small children to adults, from business to schools. Denominational to non-denominational. Necole simply uplifts and encourages everyone blessed to hear her amazing stories of personal triumph over adversity. A strong Spiritual Teacher and Inspirational Speaker, Necole guides her audience along the deep internal caves of their own human and spiritual life.

Necole is an expert in several areas of spirituality and has a profound skill at creating an atmosphere of ease, comfort and freedom for all to explore the understanding of their own spiritual experience.


Certified Assertiveness Coach

Certified Spirit Guide Coach Trainer

Certified Angel Card Reader

Educator and Teacher

Necole is in process of receiving Certification and Licensure in Health and Wellness Coaching, and ICF Accreditation as a Spiritual Life Coach. Necole aims to extend her online platform for all students of spirituality to learn, obtain certification, and serve the world of humanity through their spiritual gifts.

Currently Necole serves as a Spiritual Advisor and Public Speaker inspiring beautiful souls from all over the world.

Fans of Necole XO can tune into her popular You Tube Channels and Facebook Page to enjoy her frequent Spiritually Guided videos.


Co-Coaching Client Testimonial

Nechole is a wise soul who channels a very thorough and in-depth spiritually guided advice session that resonated with me and helped me connect to my own inner guide during a very difficult transition in my life. The session is recorded on video so you can look back and review when you need a lift or to navigate whatever challenging situation you're experiencing. Thank you Nechole!


Where do I even begin? Necole has such a beautiful soul. She is inspirational to say the least. She is anointed and provides such perspective with her gifts from the Most Divine. I can't wait to update her on my journey. This goes without saying but she is blessed and beyond favored. Thank you Necole for this and other readings to come. I once read a quote that said, "...beauty is a light in the heart," and Necole your light shines bright!!!!

Blessed To Be Me

This is profoundly accurate!

 So much so I have listened 5 times! I teach , but my business is taking a new direction towards recovery based intuitive healing coaching. I also had an issue this week with the dog down the road and it threatened my kids (dogs) . Thank you, this is not a weekly reading for me this is more like a 3 month reading . Amazing, thanks!

 Amazing, thanks!

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Spiritual Awakening Phases Happen Throughout Your Life....Something Has To Fall Away For The Reawakening To Begin....


"When You Experience Tingling, Burning, Itching, Prickly, Sensations Across, Up & Down, Inside, Outside Of Your Body......"

It Is Spiritual Communication

We Are Here To Help You Develop Your Spiritual Gifts And Understand Spiritual Communication. As You Find Yourself Immobilized By All Things Human, Raise Your Vibration High, Release That Which No Longer Serves, And Exercise Faith In All Things Possible.

"The Possible Is Within The Impossible"

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